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Costa Azul

Jim Allchin

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Costa Azul features 11 new stunning tracks performed by an all-star group of musicians well-known for their 100s of Jazz, Pop, and Latin albums. Jim takes us on a tour through the world of Smooth Latin Jazz guitar music with his newest album.

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    Kiro 3:26
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    Gypsy 3:11
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    Waves 3:48
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    Happy 2:59
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Costa Azul Reviews

"Vibrant tunes inspired by cultures rich in rhythm!" ~ SANDY SHORE Founder

About Costa Azul 

Take a ride through the rhythms of the Son Montuno, Mambo, Guajira, Bolero, and Flamenco. Costa Azul is genre-bending  --infusing contemporary jazz and contemporary Latin in a smooth jazz format. 

Produced by Grammy-nominee Yaron Fuchs. 

Mastered by Grammy-nominee Michael Romanowski. 

All songs were written by Jim Allchin.


  • Jim Allchin:  All Guitars  
  • Richard Boulger: Trumpet & Flugelhorn (Saturday Night Live) 
  • Jack Daley: Bass  
  • Andy Ezrin: Piano 
  • Alex Foster: Alto & Tenor Sax (Saturday Night Live) 
  • Adan Perez: Piano 
  • Danny Sadownick: Percussion  
  • Etienne Stadwijk: Piano & Synths 
  • Walter White: Trumpet & Trombone  
  • Steve Wolf: Drums 

Artists have performed/toured with: Josh Groban, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Steely Dan, Jennifer Lopez, Billy Idol, Tony, Toni Tone,  Al Jarreau, Alicia Keys, Katy Perry, Annie Lennox, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Aretha Franklin, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Bee Gees, David Bowie, and Grover Washington, Jr., Paul Simon, Robbie Williams, Steve Tyrell, Saturday Night Live, and many more.




  • Produced By Yaron Fuchs 
  • Associate Producer:  Spencer Hattendorf 
  • Recorded 2021 
  • Engineered By Yaron Fuchs & Spencer Hattendorf 
  • Mixed by Yaron Fuchs & Spencer Hattendorf 
  • Mastered By Michael Romanowski 
  • Project Executive: Jim Allchin  
  • Sandy Key Music, BMI

Prime Blues

Jim Allchin

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Prime Blues features 14 new tracks performed by an all-star group of musicians including bassist Glenn Worf, rhythm guitarists Rob McNelley, Bob Britt and Kenny Greenburg, keyboardist Kevin McKendree, drummer Tom Hambridge, vocalist Mycle Wastman, The Memphis Horns and special guest vocalists Grammy-winner Bobby Rush, and Blues Award winner Mike

Prime Blues features 14 new tracks performed by an all-star group of musicians including bassist Glenn Worf, rhythm guitarists Rob McNelley, Bob Britt and Kenny Greenburg, keyboardist Kevin McKendree, drummer Tom Hambridge, vocalist Mycle Wastman, The Memphis Horns and special guest vocalists Grammy-winner Bobby Rush, and Blues Award winner Mike Zito.

Produced by 2x Grammy-winner Tom Hambridge. Recorded, mixed, and mastered in Nashville.  ​ "Once again, we are blessed to have Jim Allchin share with us his quest for universal truths and superb guitar tone on what could prove to be his crowning achievement.  Rick J Bowen ." Rick Bowen, Blues Writer Award Winner 2013- 2017

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Prime Blues Reviews

“Allchin gets plenty of raves for his guitar chops, but he’s also developed into a first-rate songwriter (with assistance from Hambridge and Richard Fleming on a few tracks). Prime Blues will certainly please guitar fans, but this is also Allchin’s most blues-oriented effort to date. The results are truly satisfying." – Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes, April 2019 

"Prime Blues is hands down a must have album. Jim Allchin is right when he says it’s flat out fun. Get yourself a copy and you’ll hear what both he and we mean." – American Blues Scene, JD Nash, October 2018 

"Jim Allchin is the consummate blues guitarist and vocalist.  His brand of the blues is strong, energetic and funky, with impressive horns that complement his voice and guitar riffs. Recommendation:  If you love the blues, you must have this album in your collection.  Get it today!" – Bob Leggett, LA Music Critic, October 2018  

"...a savory collection of 14 amazing new tracks that dig deeper into the Blues and prove the notion that indeed lightning can strike twice.  " – Rick Bowen, Blues Writer award 2013-2017  

"A sensational album but hey that's why we had to move young Allchin to the top of the class. Score yourself an "A" and get your copy of "Prime Blues" or you will have to stay after class." – Peter Merrett, PBS, October 2018  

"Releasing his debut at a time where there were a lot of people with extra coin taking a breather to chase the dream, you knew that Allchin was one to bet on.  Four records in, this white boy with the blues has jacket copy on his latest full of names like Hambridge, Zito, McKendree, Rush, Memphis Horns and more.  He delivers.  Loaded with gusto and a half, he doesn’t stoop to manqué around when he can keep it his real---which is really good.  White boy blues has entered the next level of the game." (Sandy Key 5) – Chris Spector, Midwest Record, October 2018  

"Allchin delivers some great new songs and he and his band and guests are up to the task of making them all sound fresh, new and varied. He plays with an assortment of styles and is able to make each new cut sound as vibrant as the prior one. He's a helluva guitar player, a very good singer and he really has another winner here. The ex-Microsoft engineer once again excels and delivers a super CD for us with Prime Blues. I think this one is even better than last year's effort, so if you liked that one then don't wait to run out and buy this one- you won't regret it!" – Steve Jones, Blues Blast Magazine, October 2018  

"The title “Prime Blues” not only refers to Allchin’s love of the blues but also to his love of mathematics. His songs tell a story and his guitar technique and tone are perfect.  This is Allchin’s bluesiest effort to date and his most enjoyable." – Richard Ludmerer, Making A Scene, October 2018  

"Guitarist/songwriter, Jim Allchin will likely wind up back at the top of the Blues charts again with his newly released collection Prime Blues, available through Sandy Key Music. ... There is a real point-of-view on display here, as well as a level of craft and quality that will certainly create some real buzz in the Blues community and beyond." – Tom O’Connor, Rock and Blues Muse, October 2018 

 "American blues guitarist Jim Allchin lets rip on the descriptive instrumental Jimmy's Boogie on Prime Blues (Sandy Key Music CD-JA005) Jazz licks, big band sounds and full-tilt blues-rock all come together wonderfully."  – Norman Darwen, Pipeline, March 2019


  •  Jim Allchin:  Vocals, Lead Guitar 
  • Bob Britt: Rhythm Guitar (Found The Blues, Pawn Shop Man, Snuggle Up
  • Kenny Greenberg: Rhythm Guitar (Give It Up, Devil Don’t Sleep, Jimmy’s Boogie, Summer Sunrise, Enough Is Enough, Lost My Mind, Up To Destiny, Tech Blues
  •  Tom Hambridge: Drums
  • Kevin Mckendree: Hammond B3, Piano 
  • Rob Mcnelley: Rhythm Guitar (Voodoo Doll, Two Bad Dreams, Logoff 
  • Bobby Rush: Vocals (Two Bad Dreams), Harmonica (Two Bad Dreams, Tech Blues
  • Mycle Wastman: Background Vocals  
  • Glenn Worf: Bass 
  • Mike Zito: Vocals (Enough Is Enough)

 The Memphis Horns: Charles Rose, Jim Hoke, Steve B. Hermann, Douglas D. Moffett  on Two Bad Dreams, Give It Up, Summer Sunrise



  • Produced By Tom Hambridge 
  • Recorded May-August, 2018 At Blackbird Studios D&H, Nashville TN and Studio 3038, Seattle WA 
  • Engineered By Ernesto Olvera-Lapier 
  • Engineered By Zach Allen (Bobby Rush Vocal And Harmonica Solo) 
  • Assistant Engineer: Sean Badum 
  • Production Assistants: Tommy Macdonald & Evan Nickels 
  • Mixed And Mastered By Tom Hambridge And Michael Saint-Leon at The Switchyard, Nashville, Tn 
  • Project Executive: John L. Heithaus 
  • Sandy Key Music, BMI, Hambridge Tunes, ASCAP, Richard Fleming Music, BMI